Upgrade to Human Japanese 3.0
If you own a copy of Human Japanese 2.0 for Windows Desktop, you automatically qualify for a free upgrade to our most recent version, 3.0. Human Japanese 3.0 contains the same great content as Human Japanese 2.0, in a modernized form with lots of additional features.
How to upgrade
You're just a few steps away from getting the latest and greatest version of Human Japanese installed on your system. Here's what we'll need to do:
  1. Make sure you qualify for the upgrade.
    This upgrade is for people who own a copy of Human Japanese 2.0 for Windows Desktop. Both digital (download-only) and physical (Amazon) purchasers are eligible. To upgrade, you'll need the activation code that came with your original software. The activation code should look similar to this:
  2. Install the new edition of Human Japanese for Windows Desktop.
    Download and install from here.
    Ensure the new software runs properly on your computer.
    You can leave your old edition (2.0) installed side-by-side with the new one (3.0) if you like.
  3. Trade in your old activation code for a new one.
    Human Japanese 3.0 uses a new activation code format, so we need to retire your old activation code and assign you a brand new one in its place.
    Please note that:
    • You can only do this one time per activation code.
    • Once you retire your old (2.0) activation code, it will no longer work to install fresh copies of Human Japanese 2.0. However, any already-installed copies of Human Japanese 2.0 will continue to run just fine.
    • Your new activation code (3.0) will allow you to install the new edition of Human Japanese on multiple computers in your household, just like before.
    If you have any questions either before or after the upgrade, we're standing by to help at support@humanjapanese.com.
  4. Use your new activation code to activate your new software.
    Simply run Human Japanese 3.0, and when prompted for an activation code, enter your new one. You're all set!