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“One of the few comprehensive programs that focus on conversation, grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing.”
– Nancy Matsumoto, The Wall Street Journal
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“One of the best language applications on the iPhone.”
– Zohreen Adamjee, L.A. Times
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はじめまして!(Nice to meet you.)

Human Japanese is lovingly crafted by a small group of people who care deeply about helping you grow in your understanding of Japanese.

We don’t mass produce language learning apps. Instead, we focus on what we know—and that’s how to break down the Japanese language in a crystal-clear, humorous, and engaging way. We believe that you’ll go the furthest with any language, but especially one as different as Japanese is from English, if you understand the nuts-and-bolts, the way the pieces fit together.

Our goal is to present potentially tricky topics in a way that just makes sense, leading you from one “light bulb moment” to the next, using a narrative approach that interweaves conversation, reading, writing, vocabulary, culture, and most of all, tons and tons of interactive examples to keep you fully engaged with all facets of the language.

Learning a language is a journey. We don’t promise that you’ll learn Japanese in your sleep or “like a baby” (as one of our yellow-boxed competitors does), but we do promise you’ll have a great time and expand your mind in ways you might never have imagined.

Whether you’re just getting started or are embarking on the next stage of your studies, it will be our pleasure and privilege to be your guides on the incredible journey that is learning Japanese. Hajimemashou! (Let’s begin!)

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