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“One of the few comprehensive programs that focus on conversation, grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing.”
– Nancy Matsumoto, The Wall Street Journal
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“One of the best language applications on the iPhone.”
– Zohreen Adamjee, L.A. Times
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Internship Opportunities

Your future begins here

Have you ever thought about doing an internship in Japan? We've partnered with ICC, a proven leader in international exchanges and internships. Their Internship in Japan (IIJ) program helps people from all over the world live and work in Japan. Benefits include:

  • Guaranteed internship
  • No Japanese required
  • All industries covered
  • Flexible starting date & duration
  • Hiring potential & career services
  • Full support in Japan
Photo: Courtesy Internship in Japan Program

Many university students with even bachelor's and master's level degrees are finding it hard to successfully enter careers suited to their degrees. They often find after many years that one vital ingredient has been missing: valuable, practical work experience relevant to their field.

The Internship in Japan helps you to bridge that gap while also enjoying a truly unforgettable experience in Japan. The world is only going one way. Those with international experience have the advantage.

An internship in Japan will prove not only that you are capable of functioning effectively in real workplaces, but also that you are able to adapt to entirely different situations and settings when necessary.

Get ahead of the competition with this valuable experience!

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